These 6 travel stories will make you dream away

You don’t have to travel far to see natural gemstones. Spend your vacation in European nature. From the Netherlands to Scandinavia, get inspired by these six travel stories.

Aitana Gil

1. “Braveheart” hunt in the Scottish Highlands

Braveheart chase in Scottish Highlands. In Northwest Sutherland County, there is only one person per square kilometer. You imagine yourself in another world: rugged mountaintops, green and red of peat plants, heather brown, peat lions and valleys inhabited by stones and pebbles. “Once we leave the cobbled roads behind and head into the hinterland, we have the landscape to ourselves. Along a stream, we climb a mountain pass, past red ferns and over crushed stone, until three holes in a rocky face reveal themselves.”

Statue of Jonathan Vandeforde

2. Olafsbad crossed Sweden and Norway

Jonathan Vandeforde visited the northernmost pilgrimage route in the world, which passes through Norway and Sweden. You walk along lakes, valleys, flower meadows, and waterfalls. If you are Olafsbad You can just have fun. “I enjoyed the chatter in the tree before my door, the naked plunge into the lake, the deafening roar of the waterfalls. In their humble search for ‘something’, my thoughts are sucked up with each moment, returning to the here and now. Long-term plans are canceled and disappear at the bottom out of my backpack.”

null Image Ines Goovaerts

Statue of Ines Goovaerts

3. Discover the wild nature of the northern neighbor

explore The most beautiful of Dutch nature. During the epidemic, Ines Goovaerts discovered the wildlife of northern neighbors. She describes her favorite places in five stations. “Climb the tower on Kalmthoutse Heide in time and you seem to look out over the African savannah. Trees, and sand, and endless purple meadows: in the golden evening sun, the whole picture seems enchanting.”

null Image Pantelis Ignatiou

Statue of Panteles Ignatio

4. Cyprus that you don’t see in travel brochures

visit it Troodos Mountains In Cyprus, far from the tourist beaches. Wild mountain lakes, ghost towns, no asphalt in sight. Don’t think of Cyprus from travel brochures. “Far from mass tourism on the coasts there are sleepy little villages, forgotten by God and little Berk. The Troodos Mountains show Cyprus from another time, to old people in flat hats and leaving their homes only in trousers on Sundays.”

null Noel van Bemmel statue

Noel van Bemel statue

5. Charge your batteries in the Trentino Mountains

Charge your batteries in the mountains Italian Trentino. You have a view of one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. At the foot are elegant cities and museums belonging to the top of Europe. “Nowhere do stone walls glow like the Dolomites: soft pink, hard gray, and icy blue. Monte Palidi, the Pale Mountains, is a white canvas. A giant salt crystal with a light bulb in it.”

null Image Jonathan Vandford

Statue of Jonathan Vandeforde

6. Time travel through Osnabrooker Land

In Germany, near the Dutch border, is a region Osnabrück. The area is sandwiched between hills: on the one hand the Wiehen Mountains, and on the other the Teutoburg Forest. The area bears the UNESCO Geopark Global seal. There are dozens of hiking trails that lead you to different landscapes. “When the climate was still tropical, dinosaurs roamed here. Their footprints are now above ground in an excavation right next to the road.”

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