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Install it: Apple officially launched iOS 16.4. Curious about the new features in the iOS update? We list all new jobs for you.

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Release iOS 16.4

After a number of betas, the time has finally come: Apple has officially released iOS 16.4. While iOS 16.3 was primarily a security update, iOS 16.4 brings a number of great new features to your iPhone. Are you curious what these jobs are? I called List the most important new features for you.

Safari is getting push notifications

In iOS 16.4, the website can finally show notifications on your iPhone. For example, you can set whether to receive site notifications for each webpage. If you then install the web page as a web app on your iPhone, the web app will work just like a regular app by providing push notifications.

New emoji

It’s been a while since new emoji appeared on your iPhone, but iOS 16.4 changes that. There will be many new emojis in iOS 16.4, totaling no less than 21. These emojis include shaking head, pink heart, donkey, goose and many more. See all the new emojis here.

The new calling function of your iPhone

In iOS 16.4, online calling also gets a new functionality. With this new connection feature, also known as “sound isolation” or “sound insulation‘, background noise during a phone call is filtered out. For example, your voice can be heard more clearly during a phone conversation and annoying background noises are less annoying. Useful on a busy street for example!

HomeKit is updated

iOS 16.4 brings back the Homekit update that was removed in iOS 16.2 due to issues. With the update, the app gets a new architecture, which basically improves the app’s reliability and performance. The update aims to improve connectivity between different HomeKit devices.

The Podcast app is just a little better again

The Podcast app also received several new functions in iOS 16.4. For example, there is now a “Channels” option in the library, with which a podcast creator can put all their podcasts from a specific category into one clear list. Plus, it’s now even easier to resume streaming if you’ve connected your iPhone to CarPlay.

Always on in iOS 16.4 added to the battery overview

In the new iOS update, an always-on display consumption has been added to your iPhone’s battery overview. This battery overview can be found under Settings > Battery, where you can see exactly what percentage of your battery each app is using. In iOS 16.4, the Always On Display can be found here.

Fixed crash detection issues in iOS 16.4

In recent months, a fairly large number of reports of incorrectly detected malfunctions have been received. Apple has announced a re-improvement of crash detection in iOS 16.4. Crash detection has also been improved in iOS 16.1.2 and iOS 16.3.1. The issues weren’t fully resolved at the time, so now Apple has had to re-improve crash detection.

More new features in iOS 16.4

In iOS 16.4, a number of other minor changes have been made. For example, the Apple Music app has been updated: your profile can now be opened from more tabs. Additionally, Messages received previews of links to Mastodon and the Quests app has new functionality. These are other minor updates in iOS 16.4:

  • Books with animation effect. The page turn effect is due to the Apple Books app.
  • Duplicate items in the photos. The Duplicate Items feature is expanded to also detect duplicate photos and videos in shared iCloud Photo Library.
  • A better overview of AppleCare. From the new iOS version, you’ll see a comprehensive overview of all the insurance policies you’ve got with Apple.
  • VoiceOver support for Maps in the Weather app.
  • Set up access to the videowhich automatically darkens the video when flashes of light are detected.
  • Purchase Order requests. iOS 16.4 fixes a bug where “Ask to Buy” requests from children would not appear on the parent’s device.
  • thermostat with article. Material-enabled thermostats are sometimes unresponsive when paired with HomeKit. iOS 16.4 fixes this issue.
  • Communication security has been added. Parents can receive a warning if their children send or receive images containing nudity.
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