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The waiting time is over! The new iPad Air 2022 is now available in the Netherlands. In this article we are listing the best offers for you.

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Apple’s new iPad Air is now in stores

We had to be patient for a while, but as of today it’s brand new iPad Air 2022 Officially available in the Netherlands. The device is a big upgrade in terms of speed compared to its predecessor iPad Air 2020† This is because the new tablet has an M1 chip under the cover. We’ve already seen this slide in, for example, MacBook Pro and the iPad Pro

Want to get the new iPad Air in store or buy it online? Then think carefully about how much storage space you need. The iPad Air 2022 is available in 64GB and 256GB storage. In 2022, 64GB is actually very little — especially if you want to use your iPad Air professionally. So we recommend going for the 256GB model. Also think about the color you like the most. The tablet is available in grey, purple, blue, pink and star colors.

Buy iPad Air 2022

Don’t forget that you have to deal with delivery times when ordering iPad Air online. Lots of people want a brand new tablet, so stock may be limited. At the time of writing, the delivery on Apple’s website has already been moved through April. Fortunately, most other providers still keep it at home for the next day.

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Would you rather order the iPad Air 2022 from Apple itself despite the longer delivery time? The 64 GB storage version is available for 698.50 €† Cost of a 256 GB variant 868.50 € Before. You can give your iPad a free engraving at the Apple Store.

More about iPad Air 2022

As mentioned, the iPad Air 2022 runs on a super-fast M1 chip. This chip is much faster than the A14 chip in the iPad Air 2020. Thanks to its new processor, the iPad Air 2022 can handle even the most difficult programs with ease. Thanks to the new chip, the new tablet is just as powerful MacBook Air and the iPad Pro† Easily edit videos, photoshop, and perform other professional tasks.

iPad Air finally has 5G support. So you can surf the internet at lightning speed, stream movies and play online games on the go – provided you get a 5G subscription with your new tablet. This creates additional costs, so keep that in mind.

iPad Air

Apple gave the new iPad Air an upgraded 12-megapixel selfie camera. This camera supports center point. This is a feature that always puts you in the spotlight during video calls.

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