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Many companies see the metaverse as the next step in the current Internet evolution. Meta (formerly Facebook) recently presented its plans for its own version. But there are more companies out there that have ideas about interpreting the metaverse.

dead announce His name changed last month. The company wants to be seen as a metaverse rather than an intermediary social company. Meta sees the metaverse as a shared online world, where social media, games, work, and online stores come together. In principle, users should be able to do whatever they want, as long as it stays within the Meta rules.

Mark Zuckerberg, head of Meta, showed some examples of the possibilities. For example, users can mimic their homes in virtual reality and modify their view, or build an entirely invented virtual living space. People can also decide for themselves what they look like in the metaverse: for themselves or, for example, as a robot or an alien.

In the Facebook metaverse, you can meet up with friends or colleagues to talk or meet, while it looks like you two are together in a room. You can also visit concerts and play games. The metaverse should also provide real-world add-ons. For example, using augmented reality glasses, you can get more information about artworks in museums or frescoes.


On the online gaming platform Roblox, people create online worlds and their own games. These worlds can then be visited with others. The company described The Roblox metaverse as “a place where people come together in millions of 3D experiences to learn, work, play and relax.”

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In the future, people should also be able to shop on Roblox. Manager David Baszuki also plans to allow businesses on the platform, so they can do business with users there. With Robux, the platform really has its own currency.


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told investors this year that his company is building a “metaverse commerce.” a company announce Last week to add Mesh to Microsoft Teams. Mesh is a platform where people can collaborate in virtual environments.

Microsoft’s metaverse software will allow users to meet together in virtual rooms. People can choose to leave their webcam turned off and join a meeting as an animated version of themselves, mimicking facial expressions and moving their mouth while speaking.

Later, business software can also be used within the Microsoft metaverse, such as PowerPoint or Word.

Epic Games

It is an electronic game, the popular game from Epic Games, is already similar to the metaverse. Not only is it a place where friends can come together to talk and play with each other, there are also its own payment methods and a world It is an electronic game In common with other worlds, for example the Marvels’ world Avengers employment star Wars.

In addition, there is It is an electronic game Sometimes other things to do besides games. Artists like Ariane Grande and Travis Scott, for example, have performed before, while millions of people watched with their self-designed characters.

Over metaverses?

Other companies are also working on their own metaverse, though plans for most of them remain a bit murky. For example, Amazon may be working on the metaverse and Chinese tech giant Tencent is known to want to create its own metaverse. But it is not known exactly what the plans are.

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It remains to be seen what the future of Metaverse will look like. Meta metaverse could take fifteen years to develop for the lastThe president of the company said this week.

Additionally, the question is whether there will be all the different versions or whether there will eventually be a single metaverse where everything comes together. The founder of the epic, Tim Sweeney, defends the latter. In an interview with VentureBeat He said early this year that it’s important for the metaverse to remain open so that everyone is in control and no one is left out. “This is the only way to achieve a sustainable, free and fair economy.”

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