These new features are coming to Android smartphones

In anticipation of Android 12, Google is bringing new features to Android. Even old smartphones are affected.

A week full of new features for both Google and Android. Mountain View Company Just Created Android 12L (12.1) is available and to announce the 10th version of the Drop function for pixels. However, the American smartphone giant is not alone in welcoming new features and improvements. Mountain View has announced a bunch of new features for Android devices, even the oldest.

Google doesn’t always wait for a major new release to provide functionality. WhileAndroid 13 won’t arrive until later Throughout the year, Google will offer grammar control to Gboard users. The keyboard can actually check spelling and grammar. It can provide suggestions for improvement while enriching the functionality of Emoji Kitchen. As a reminder, you can combine emojis and stickers. It remains to be seen if the feature will be available in French or initially reserved for English.

Always with the aim of making communication easier, the Messages app is evolving. Google improves iPhone support to display iOS users’ comments as emojis; Like when a user interacts with an Android device. The app also improves sharing of image content.

Another interesting feature is the ability to automatically sort messages using the Personal and Professional tabs. Also, text messages with one-time passwords are automatically deleted after 24 hours.

Instant Copy, which is appearing on Pixel or Samsung devices, is evolving to provide an offline mode for everyone. Even without a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, it is possible to access this feature that allows deaf and hard of hearing people to participate in discussions.

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Improve wireless sharing

Another important topic for Mountain View, data transfer continues to improve on Android. Google’s wireless proximity sharing tool called Nearby Sharing makes it easy to share with multiple people. For photos, videos, documents or audio files, it is possible to transfer them with more people around you. The only requirement is that you have a device running at least Android 6.0.

The Google Photos Portrait Blur tool offered to Google One subscribers or Pixel owners has been enriched. These users will soon be able to use the image blur function on a large number of photos. It becomes possible to darken backgrounds on pictures of pets, food or plants. Old photos are affected even when portrait mode is not available.

Among other expected developments, we note the arrival of an update for the Google TV mobile app. The latter has a tab called “Selections” (or Highlights) to display information such as comments about movies and series that interest you. For its part, Google Assistant adds the ability to pay for parking with your voice. It is also possible to control and extend parking with your voice via command Hey Google, pay for parking.

Digital wellbeing also remains a priority for the US company, which is adding a new Screen Time widget. As the name suggests, it provides an overview of your smartphone usage by displaying the three apps that you use the most every day.

Will I be affected by these new features?

All these innovations are not intended for the latest models. Most of the Android smartphones are affected and can take advantage of these new features. On the other hand, Google does not give an exact date of availability. Publication is expected to begin in a few weeks.

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