These places in Europe are ravaged by wildfires, and the fear of new fires is very high

Bloating, sweating, puffing, that’s what we’re going to do early next week. But what about southern Europe, which has been groaning under the heat of lead for days. Therefore, fear of new wildfires, such as those raging in southwestern France, central Portugal and Croatia, remains high in large parts of Europe.

In Spain they are used to it in summer, but with temperatures reaching forty degrees and more, it has been much warmer there past and next than average for this time of year. The Spanish heat will gradually move north and they are particularly concerned about this in the area around the French city of Bordeaux.

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Two massive fires in the Gironde region since Tuesday have destroyed about 3,700 hectares, making it the largest fire in the region in 32 years. Near the highest sand dunes in Europe, Dune de PilateAlong the Atlantic, about 1,600 hectares have now burned. A little further inland, in the commune Landeras2,100 hectares were turned into ash. Thousands of residents and vacationers have already been evacuated and about a thousand firefighters are trying with all their might to contain the fire. But even with about a dozen firefighting planes deployed, the fires were not brought under control.

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“It could take days,” the Gironde Prefecture seemed not to be very optimistic. The prolonged drought and high temperatures are the reasons for the outbreak of fires, and no rain or hail is expected in the coming days, as temperatures flirt with forty degrees.

The Landeras fire has already destroyed 2,100 hectares. © AP


Persistent heat and drought also lead to forest fires in Portugal. The most annoying fire happens near the city Pombal In the Leiria region, where planes and helicopters on Thursday dropped water on flames that fell on a hill of hot-burning pines and eucalyptus. close too Faroethe capital of the touristic Algarve region in the south, fires are burning.

A man tries to fight a branch fire in central Portugal.

A man tries to fight a branch fire in central Portugal. © Getty Images


A fire broke out near the city on Tuesday across the border in western Spain Las Mestas In the region of Extremadura, in the region of Castile and Leon. Hundreds of firefighters battle the flames, and more than 400 people have been evacuated.


In Croatia, a forest fire continues in ZatonNear the city of Dubrovnik, about twenty houses were destroyed. About 150 firefighters are battling the blazes that have already affected more than 3,000 hectares of forest.

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Turkey and Greece

Finally, the area around the Aegean was not spared from fires either LabyrinthNinety kilometers northwest of the capital, Athens, near Ariston And on the island samos In and around Greece dtcain the far west of Turkey.

In all of the above countries, but also in large parts of Italy, Austria and even England, the risk of fire remains especially high.

According to statistics from the European Copernicus Earth Observation Program, more than 1,700 wildfires broke out in 2022, an alarmingly higher number than the average of 400 by this time of year. In France, 15,000 hectares were burned this year, compared to “barely” 1,000 hectares exactly a year ago. “The bushfire season started very early, no doubt because of global warming and drought,” said French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.

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