These were your 5 favorite recipes from Eigen Huis & Tuin: Lekker Leven in 2023

What’s so striking about these favorites is that they are (almost) all true classics. At the top of the list is a winner with flying colors: a leek casserole with ham.

1: Leek casserole with ham and sweet potato mash

This autumnal and Dutch dish is an ultimate favorite. Hugo gives his own twist to this recipe using a delicious white cheese sauce with white wine and seasoned sweet potatoes. Curious about this winner? Hurry up and try the recipe!

2: French onion soup with brown ale and croque monsieur

In second place, there’s also a classic: French onion soup. Hugo also puts his own spin on this by adding brown beer. Let’s eat!

3. Japanese okonomiyaki (vegetable pancake) and salad with peanut sauce

From French cuisine to the other side of the world. In third place you’ll find Japanese okonomiyaki, or vegetable pancake. We were very surprised that this oriental recipe came in third place. But it’s also very delicious!

4. Mushroom and dandelion salad with blueberries and roasted grapes

In fourth place, you will once again find a true classic: the mushroom stew that was probably on the table during this Christmas holiday. But this is also a delicious recipe outside of the Christmas holidays, especially with this delicious dandelion salad!

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