They shared a bottle of champagne at the restaurant, but it turned out to be poisoned: Germany dies, seven friends are in hospital


A 52-year-old man died of poisoning in an Italian restaurant in the southern German town of Weiden (in Bavaria). And German police announced, based on preliminary investigations, that seven other visitors to a restaurant were injured. Some of them are in serious condition.

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The eight friends, aged 33 to 52, went to Italian restaurant La Vita in Weiden on Sunday evening to watch the RTL program there. get me out, which appeared on one of them that evening. They shared a bottle of champagne while watching and they all developed symptoms of intoxication soon after.

When the police and emergency personnel arrived at the Italian restaurant just after midnight, some guests were on the floor. Some of them foam in the mouth. They were taken to the hospital, where the 52-year-old died. None of the others are in mortal danger.

It is clear to the police that the champagne bottle was poisoned. With what, this has not yet been announced. It is also not clear how poisoned the bottle could have been. According to eyewitnesses, the bottle was still open and only opened on the table.

Police suspect negligent homicide. There does not seem to be any intention. So the police are not looking for a specific suspect. However, she is looking for witnesses who witnessed what happened in the restaurant around the time of the poisoning.

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