This actor is the most handsome man in the world according to science… We’re checking it out along the way!

The Beauty Phi Golden Quota is used in engineering, painting, music, mathematics, architecture or archeology for business planning. Leonardo da Vinci used it to paint the Vitruvian Man and to draw the ideal proportions of man. For this, the distances are divided between the different organs (nose, mouth, eyes and ears) and the closer to the irrational number phi (1,618), the more beautiful the person should be.

The biggest winner is…

He starred in the next Batman movie and made his debut in the movie that rocked all the teenage girls of the 2000s. twilight. The most beautiful man in the world according to science is none other than British actor Robert Pattinson. The golden ratio is 92.15%. ” Robert Pattinson was the clear winner when all facial features were measured for physical perfection. It was in the top five in nearly every category, with the hallmarks of a classic shape and beautifully sculpted jaw. Her below average scores are her thin, flat lips. Plastic surgeon Julian de Silva explains. from She has Sun Stores. In the rest of the ranking we find other handsome children: Henry Cavill (91.64%), Bradley Cooper (91.08%), Brad Pitt (90.51%) or even George Clooney (89.91%).

The perfect face according to science

A face that would be 100% perfect is a combination of Hugh Jackman’s face shape, eye position, forehead, Henry Cavill’s lips, David Beckham’s chin, and Ryan Gosling’s nose. Imagine what this perfect man would look like. In the meantime, we can still enjoy Robert Pattinson’s pretty face.

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