This country has the deadliest car in all of Europe

In the Netherlands, there are 31 road accident deaths per million inhabitants every year. Only in Denmark, Great Britain and Sweden are deaths less.

The average number of road traffic deaths per million people in the European Union is 49, and Eastern European figures show the worst. Romania hangs down to the bottom with as many as 99 deaths per million inhabitants.

This is evidenced by a new report from the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) on the number of road deaths in 2017. Sweden was ranked first in terms of safety, with “only” 25 deaths per million inhabitants.

25,300 dead

The number of road traffic fatalities has decreased significantly over the past two decades. In 2001, 54,900 fatal accidents were recorded in the European Union. This number more than halved to “only” 25,300 in 2017.

With an average of 69 road deaths per day, road accidents remain one of the leading causes of death in the European Union. In general, Europe is better off than all other continents.

These are the countries with the safest roads in Europe:

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