This is how you can recover deleted WhatsApp messages

Now you can recover deleted messages in WhatsApp with just a few clicks. This is only possible for messages deleted “for yourself”.

The fact that we can delete messages in WhatsApp is nothing new under the sun. Sometimes it happens that we delete a message by mistake. WhatsApp now has a solution for this and makes it possible to recover deleted messages in WhatsApp. Although the idea is well thought out, its implementation requires more attention.

  • Step 1: Delete the message

    Go to a conversation in WhatsApp and long press on the message you want to delete. Then click on waste. Next, a selection screen will appear containing “Delete for everyone”, “Delete for myself” or “Cancel”. Click on the desired option. The first option is available two days after sending the message. You cannot recover deleted messages for everyone. The function only works with the “Delete for myself” option.

  • Step 2: Recover deleted messages

    You have to be quick to recover deleted messages. If you delete a message just for yourself, a banner will appear stating that you can undo the action. After that, the message will be displayed again in the chat window. This function only works to delete your messages.

    This function also works when you want to delete multiple messages at the same time. Other media types such as photos, videos, and documents can also be recovered this way. The drawback here is that all the selected deleted messages are recovered, and you cannot choose to recover a single message from the selection.

Room for improvement

The idea behind it is certainly interesting, but the implementation could use some extra attention. Currently, the feature only works with messages you’ve deleted for yourself, and you also have to quickly tap the Undo button that appears in the banner for just five seconds. After that you lost your chance to recover the message. Moreover, this feature is not yet live on WhatsApp desktop app, but it is available for iOS and WhatsApp Web. The process is similar to the explanation above.

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WhatsApp backup

Want to be more assured that your WhatsApp messages won’t accidentally disappear? It is certainly wise to regularly back up your WhatsApp chats. This way you won’t lose access to your messages when you change devices.

  • Make a backup copy

    Go to your WhatsApp Institutions Then click Chats. You can click on that Make a backup copy. This can be done via Google Drive on Android and iCloud on iPhone.

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