This is how you find a charging station during the holidays

Going on vacation with an electric car can be challenging. It’s not always clear where you’ll find a free charging station along your route. And what about fees? Fortunately, there are all kinds of apps that can help you. We list 8 of our favorite apps:

1. A great route planner

Route planner A great route planner Not only calculates the best route, but also tells you where and when to charge. For example, you can pre-enter information about your car such as consumption, battery charge at the start of the journey and desired battery charge at the destination. That way, the app knows where you can best charge.

iOS, Google

2. ANWB EV Route Planner

via ANWB EV Route Planner You can see where and how many charging stations are on your route. You can find all public charging stations for electric cars in the ANWB road app. The app instantly shows whether the charging station is in use or free. You can also search for charging stations from specific providers.

iOS, Google

3. Shell recharge

Shell recharge Offers charging points, charge cards and app. This app shows you where you can find public charging stations across Europe. Charging Services provides access to more than 300,000 charging points across Europe. The app provides information on availability, charging speed and tariffs. The app allows you to start and stop charging sessions and receive notifications when a nearby charging station becomes available again. Because you can specify the model of your electric car in the settings, you will see personalized information.

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iOS, Google

4. Smoove

application Smoove Helps locate locations. The app has a photo of each location, making it easy to locate a charging point. This is useful if the charging station is ‘hidden’ at the back of the parking space. The app shows charging stations and charging speed. You can start and stop charging sessions through the app, where you can check the current status and costs of your charging session in the live functionality of the app.

iOS, Google

5. PlugShare

Plugshare It calls itself the largest electric car community. Private individuals offer their charging stations on this platform for electric car drivers. By providing information about your own car, you will automatically receive information about suitable charging stations. You will receive alerts through the app when there are suitable charging stations in the area.

iOS, Google

6. Fastnet

Of Dutch descent Fastnet A range of 200 kilometers can be recharged in 15 minutes. With the app you can find locations, start and stop sessions and pay. The app has easy route planning and also offers charging tips.

iOS, Google

7. Fee Chart

application Fee Chart Charging Station is the Waze of apps. This means that drivers of electric vehicles help each other find available charging points. Members keep each other informed by sending photos and messages back and forth from and about charging points. At the moment, the app has more than 1 million members.

iOS, Google

8. Job folder

Holiday to England? Then you definitely should Job map Download the app. All the charging stations on the island can be found on it. At present 30,000 public charging stations have been registered. In addition to locating charging stations, it is possible to plan routes and share information within the community.

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iOS, Google

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