This is the healthiest (and least healthy) fries sauce.

Is your favorite sauce also the healthiest? We have searched for you.

To know which sauce is the healthiest and which is not, it is important to pay attention to several things. So we’ll look at calories, sugars, and the amount of fat. The sauces we will be comparing are mayonnaise, curry, ketchup, gobi sauce, satay sauce and the well-known American potato sauce. What do you think the result will be?

We’ll start with calories. How much energy do you get with all these sauces? We include them for you below.

  • Ketchup (15 calories per dollop)
  • Curry (26 kcal)
  • satay sauce (49 calories)
  • French fries sauce 59 calories
  • Gobi sauce 69 calories
  • Mayonnaise (133 calories)

You see, when you eat mayonnaise, you get the most calories, and when you eat ketchup, you get the most calories. So have you been watching calories lately? Then go for ketchup instead of mayonnaise.

We will now look at how much sugar you get from all sauces. We include them for you below.

  • Mayonnaise (3% sugar)
  • French fries sauce (7% sugar)
  • Gobi sauce (12 percent sugar)
  • Ketchup (14 percent sugar)
  • satay sauce (19 percent sugar)
  • Curry (25 percent sugar)

Mayonnaise surprisingly scores the best here! On the other hand, curry contains a lot of sugar, while having very few calories.

Last but not least: fat percentage. Although french fries aren’t very healthy on their own, you can go ahead by pouring a generous amount of sauce on them. But there is a difference in the amount of fat each sauce contains. We include them for you below.

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  • Ketchup and curry (0% fat)
  • satay sauce (13% fat)
  • French fries and gobi sauce (27 to 28 percent fat)
  • Mayonnaise (72% fat).

Unfortunately, mayonnaise again does not score well, but ketchup and curry, on the other hand, do not contain fat at all. All things considered, we can say that mayonnaise is the least healthy sauce to put on french fries. On the other hand, a healthier option is ketchup: This sauce did well across the board. However, you can of course eat them all now and then, if you do so in moderation. So will your next snack bar order be French fries with mayonnaise or ketchup?

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