This is what cycling does to your health

The great thing about cycling is: it takes you from point A to point B, ensures better fitness and is better for the environment.

Riding a bike to work or to the station, another ride Misuse Go for a long walk after dinner or on the weekend. Cycling is great and very healthy. How does cycling affect your health and fitness? We’ve figured it out.

First of all, this guarantees half an hour of cycling Stamina and energy. Not only can you ride a little longer on each bike ride (because you can last longer), you’re also likely to save more energy throughout the day and fall asleep twice as quickly in the evening. So, it’s not a bad idea to start your day with a bike ride.

Misuse? Choose your exercise

The great thing about bike riding is that you can make it as intense as you want. Do you have more time? Then spin a little longer. If you want a shorter bike ride, go for it More challenging With different heights and climbs. This is good for fitness and muscle building. In addition, cycling is easily accessible. You can go when you want and don’t have to pay for an expensive gym membership.

Burn fat

Hence why we’re excited: cycling can provide benefits Burn fat. This burning only starts after 30 minutes, because your body first starts burning sugars in your bloodstream, and then switches to fats. But the advantage of cycling is: You’ll likely last longer than running or sweating it out at the gym. Make sure to exercise intensely and maintain a high pace. Of course, burning fat is not that fast at a rate of 10 kilometers per hour.

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Lower tax

Do you ride a bike fast? If you can heart beat He raised it significantly. The great thing is that cycling takes pressure off your knees and hips, so you can fully focus on building your muscles and reducing stress.

Why is cycling good for you?

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