This is what the viral Shrek Rave looks like

A while ago, Shrek’s famous and viral rave took place in London. fans a partnerAll franchisees gathered in their best outfits to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Green Ogre. Pictures of the magical rave have now surfaced online for the first time and they don’t disappoint.

“Have you ever seen Shrek or Humpty Dumpty get a pill? Well I will.” So begins the review from Vice, who attended Shrek Rave in the UK. This immediately set the tone. It must have been a wild and special evening, with one clear message: “Shrek is love.”

Viral Partner Rave

At a club in the UK, the films 20th anniversary is being celebrated by a mixture of nerds, homosexuals, and the average movie-goer. Add to that a solid techno set, a laser show and all sorts of Shrek-related stuff and you have Shrek Rave.

It was over the years a partner It has grown from a “simple” children’s movie into an absolute Valhalla meme. Just like a file star Wars The prequel trilogy, there’s hardly a scene left that wasn’t made into a meme. It even led to the beginning of Shrek’s faith, in which the green ogre is seen as the Messiah. How we love the Internet.

Recently, there have also been rumors that this may happen Partner 5. Latest independent movie Puss in Boots: Last Wish (2022) briefly hinted at the return of everyone’s favorite ogre. Eddie Murphy, who voices Donkey, also said in an interview that he’s open to returning. Moreover, it is still just rumors for now, and there is no official announcement yet Partner 5.

Shrek memes have become a well-documented phenomenon thus far. And here’s the logical conclusion: Shrek Rave is what happens when internet culture seeps into real life. Vice has now posted a beautiful set of Shrek Rave photos on Instagram. This is worth a look, see below. Next time in Amsterdam?

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