This is why your allergies bother you in the morning

Nothing is more annoying than starting your day with a runny nose, watery eyes, and fits of sneezing. But how often do your allergies look so much worse in the morning than later in the day?

We researched the reasons and explained them here.

It’s on your bed

If you regularly wake up with watery eyes and a blocked nose, this may just be your bed. There are dust mites on your bed, creatures that love feather bedding. So it doesn’t hurt to replace your bedding with sheets that have at least four hundred thread count. It can also help to purchase special covers to combat dust mites. Another good alternative is to put the pillowcase in the freezer during the day to kill all dust mites. Take it again in the evening (on time) and you are guaranteed a mucus-free night!

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You do exercise outside in the morning

Do you prefer to go for a run in the early morning or always go for a walk with the dog after waking up? Then it could just be that you are allergic. During “intensive” activities, you automatically start breathing heavier, and if you’re outside at that time, you automatically get a lot of pollen in your airway. Fortunately, you can easily prevent this by exercising indoors or going to the gym. Do not do this near an open window, as you will still be disturbed by the pollen in the air.

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