This leaked Need for Speed ​​tool won’t cost you ‘a dime’

Need for Speed ​​is the franchise par excellence Which Peter can’t get enough of† He said he doesn’t care, but Peter prefers them quickly and inexpensively, I’m told. Well, that’s fitting, because the next title Need for Speed ​​is cheaper than that headstrong who knows what to do with “rubber” and “sport poker”.

Now I have to mention that it is portable NFS, and it is in development at Chinese Tencent. Obviously, there have already been some gameplay tests, and this of course includes a semi-mandatory gameplay leak. There is already a lot of talk about this on Reddit. We already know that the McLaren F1, Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and Lamborghini Gallardo are part of the fleet, as these cars can be driven in preview build. And so the photos of this construction appeared, which you can see below.

Elegant, and not bad at all for a free game. It is almost impossible to imagine how mobile games from Snake went to this. It will probably use up a lot of battery power and your data consumption will also likely take a big boost, but it’s fine. Then you have something too.

When can we start? No idea. EA hasn’t released much about it yet. But this also applies to the new premium version Need for Speed ​​which is due to be released at the end of this year. There are rumors that she is trying to spice things up with anime elements and that she is set in Lake Shore City, a fictional version of Chicago. In addition, it is also suggested that PS4 and Xbox One owners should not look forward to it.

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