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Turn down when swallowing the pill

Some people have the pill stuck in their throat when they try to swallow it. You can, of course, solve this problem by taking a pill with plenty of water, but if that doesn’t work either, you can use a certain method. That is, bend your head forward a little while swallowing, so that you rest your chin on your chest, as it were. This way you will also prevent air from being swallowed and the pill from getting stuck in your throat. It is best to take a sip of water first, then place the pill on your tongue and swallow it with one or two sips of water keeping your chin on your chest. After that, take a few sips of water so that the pill is washed off well.

Additional Tips for Swallowing the Pill

The following tips can also help with swallowing the pill, but check with your pharmacy first to make sure this is possible with the medicines you are taking.

  • Take medications with a spoonful of jam or gel, yogurt, milk or custard. This makes it easier to slip off your medications.
  • The capsule is easy to swallow when the outside is slightly softened in a spoonful of water.
  • What can also help is opening, grinding, or splitting the capsule or tablet. This may reduce the effect or cause side effects, so always check this first on the package leaflet or at your pharmacy.

Here are some things to keep in mind when taking painkillers:

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