This unique animal is the only double-skinned animal in the world

Have you heard about the armored mole? In English, the animal is called the “pink fairy armadillo”, which loosely translates to “fairy-like pink armadillo”. Scientists recently discovered something unique about this animal, which is that it has two skins.

The armadillo is a mammal from the order Armadillo. It is the smallest species of armadillo and reaches a length of 6 to 8 inches. It occurs in Argentina and has not been studied much because it usually only lives for a few days in captivity. Researchers believe they mainly eat ants and other insects. They live mainly underground in burrows which they dig with their huge claws in proportion to their length.

Scientists published a new study on animals in the Netherlands on December 19, 2023 Journal of Zoology. They studied the microscopic anatomy of pieces of skin with and without osteoderms, which are bony plates woven into the skin. Thus they discovered the unique and distinctive second layer of skin under the armored mole's back armor.


“The outer layer, which contains keratinized scales (where dead tissue forms a thick protective layer) and osteoderms, acts as a mantle or cover over the inner layer,” says Cecilia Krmpotic, a biologist at the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research in Argentina. . “This inner layer displays abundant, soft white fur. This double skin is a unique trait among mammals.

The other 19 known species of armadillos have a single layer of skin on their backs. It is covered with bony scales and skins that together form the armor. Krumbotic suspects that the second skin is an adaptation to life underground in sandy soil. “The flexibility and lightness of the armor allows it to adapt to the shape of the tunnels,” she said.

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