This way you can easily use WhatsApp as a note-taking app

WhatsApp, of course, is primarily used to send messages or communicate with others. However, you can also use the app to take notes for yourself, and this has its advantages. It’s an app that you use often so your notes are always at hand. We show you how to use WhatsApp as a notebook.

WhatsApp as a note-taking app

Anyone looking for a note solution often ends up with specialized apps like Google Memorizes Or prof Evernote. Then the privacy-conscious people choose a surrogate like one of them Silent notes. However, a good solution can be simple at times, because you can also use an app that you already use a lot anyway, like WhatsApp. This way you are easily reminded of the important things, because your notes can be read between chats.

If you are The WhatsApp If you want to use a notes app, you will have a conversation with yourself in which you want to say what you want. You can write text in points and even post pictures or record voice messages. You can even keep documents in your notes conversation and you can search through the conversation to find the exact note you are looking for. To set up a conversation with yourself that you use to take notes, you need to abuse the group conversation feature. We show how it works in a step-by-step plan below.

An example of notes in WhatsApp

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  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Click on the menu containing the three dots in the top right and choose New Group
  3. Choose Two contacts From your list by clicking on their name and clicking on the icon that contains it Right arrow
  4. Fill As a group topic Notes Or choose another cute name yourself
  5. In the group chat, tap the menu containing the three dots in the top right and choose Group information
  6. Scroll down to Attendees, Tap the names of the two contacts, then tap each time [naam] Removal Until it becomes only part of the conversation
  7. You now have a chat with yourself that you can use as a note function
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This way you can easily use WhatsApp as a note-taking app

For example, you must remove both contacts from the group conversation

Pin notes

If you want to make your note-taking conversation more convenient, you can also pin it to the top of all your WhatsApp conversations. Go to the WhatsApp home screen, long-press on the conversation and tap the pin icon to pin it to the top of your messaging app. For example, the firmware note element characters can be seen at the top of WhatsApp.

Bear in mind that WhatsApp collects information about your use of the app which parent company Facebook can use for commercial content. Also security expert Donnie Masland from ESET Netherlands warned In an interview with a messaging app, WhatsApp recently came under fire for it Its privacy policy And in the Netherlands a number of Dutch founders Working Group This pushes Signal to the front instead.

Will you be using WhatsApp as a note-taking app or have you been doing it for some time now? Maybe another app you’re using as a note-taking app, even if it’s not meant for it? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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