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HomePod features fall 2021 with software release 15

Unfortunately, in the Netherlands we are still waiting for the arrival HomePod mini. also during WWDC she has an Apple The release of the Netherlands (or Belgium) has not yet been announced. The speaker will be coming to Italy this year and since this month in Austria, Ireland and New Zealand. If you’re already a happy owner of the speaker, because you got it from, say, Germany, you can count on a number of new jobs this fall. These are the new features in HomePodSoftware version 15.0 which will be available in fall 2021. For some HomePod-Jobs are iOS 15 Required, while using other optimizations tvOS 15.

#1 Support lossless audio

Later this year, HomePod will receive support for Lossless audio in Apple Music. This also applies to the HomePod mini. If you are Apple MusicSubscriber and want to stream with lossless audio, which won’t work on HomePod yet, because it uses AAC. Later this year, after a new software update rolled out, HomePod and . were released HomePod mini Also with ALAC, the new audio compression an Apple used for loss. This makes the music sound so much better.

#2 Control Apple TV via HomePod
Starting with the upcoming HomePod software release, you can also control your Apple TV via Siri on your HomePod. You can then tell Siri on the HomePod to “play the latest episode of Ted Lasso” and automatic Camel Delivery is triggered and starts for you. It’s not yet clear which streaming services it will all work with, but at least it does + Apple TV.

#3 HomePod mini as standard speakers for Apple TV
in association with tvOS 15 You can use HomePod mini (pair) as standard speakers for Apple TV 4K. Right now this only works with the big HomePod, but as of this fall it also works with HomePod mini. This means that you can indicate in the settings that the sound should always pass through the HomePod mini, which often provides better sound than a standard TV speaker. This feature is especially useful if you don’t already have a soundbar, but do have one or two HomePods.

#4 Siri on other HomeKit devices
While this is not necessarily a feature over the HomePod itself, you do need a HomePod with the latest version of the software to use it. From later this year you will find siri also on HomeKitThird party devices, such as amplifiers and thermostats. But there must be a HomePod in the house. Or does this mean that you are against HomeKit– Devices can only speak English (due to the lack of Dutch language siri on HomePod), unfortunately we don’t know yet. HomePod is responsible for processing your voice command so that your voice is not processed by third-party servers.

#5 Works with SharePlay
With HomePod version 15, you can also SharePlay Use it with HomePod, especially through Apple Music. With SharePlay, you can watch series or listen to music with your chat partner(s) during FaceTime, all simultaneously. If you want to listen on HomePod, you can do so with the latest version of the software. You can then just use your iPhone for FaceTime.

We’re expecting version 15 of the HomePod software sometime this fall, along with iOS 15 and other software updates. If you can’t wait for the (potential) release in the Netherlands, you can actually buy a HomePod. There are several ways to get the speaker from the outside.

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