Three Lego sets have been announced based on Luigi’s Palace

Appropriately, Nintendo will announce this Halloween that new Lego sets from Luigi’s Mansion are working to expand your already existing collection. You’ll have to wait a little longer, because the sets won’t be in stores until January 1, 2022. There are three new sets in total: the Lab and Poltergust expansion set (€24.99), the Entrance expansion kit (€39.99) and the Haunt-and-Seek expansion kit (€24.99). 79.99 euros).

The Lab and Poltergust kit gives you the popular Poltergust expansion, with a regular nozzle and a Strobulb, or a Luigi flashlight. By pressing the button on the Poltergust, you can catch ghosts and get coins from the machine in the laboratory. In the Entryway Expansion set, you can search for the golden bone of Polterpup and encounter Bogmire and Boo. The most expensive set, the expansive Haunt-and-Seek collection, is also the largest: a large level with rotating corridors, hidden items, ghosts, and of course king Boo being the boss.

Because of these expansions, you can play with Poltergust, King Boo, Polterpup, Toad, and all kinds of ghosts from 2022. If you use Luigi (although Mario works too, of course), you’ll get new interactive adventures and matching sounds/music to choose from.

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