Three US police officers comment on drowning a homeless man: I won’t jump in water for you

© Tempe City

Three police officers in the US state of Arizona have been suspended for taking no action after seeing a homeless man drown.

GVsource: Sky News

The homeless man, Sean Pickings, 34, drowned in a lake in Tempe Town, a suburb of Phoenix, on May 28. The officers arrived after complaining about an altercation between Pickings and another homeless person, but once they got to the site, there was nothing to worry about.

During a subsequent discussion with the officers, Pickings climbed a fence and jumped into the water. This is evidenced by the recently released photos of the officers’ body cameras. But the officers did not respond and laughed, wondering “how far he will go.” There was also no response when the man got into trouble and repeatedly shouted “Help me, I’m drowning!” Or when the other homeless guy shouted “He’s drowning in front of your eyes and you’re not helping!”. “Not right,” the officers said sarcastically, and “I wouldn’t jump in the water for you.”

Pickings’ body was pulled out of the water hours later. An investigation has already been opened Arizona Department of Public SafetyThe officers were suspended pending the outcome of that investigation.

Shawn Pickings

Shawn Pickings © Tempe City

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