Timelapse showing how the entire New York skyline is engulfed in smoke from the Canadian wildfires in a matter of hours | Science and the planet

Violent forest fires in the Canadian province of Quebec are having consequences that have reached the United States. Because of the northwest winds, the smoke travels to American cities such as New York and Philadelphia. The National Weather Service in New York has shared an “incredible” time-lapse that shows the city’s skyline almost completely disappearing in just a few hours.

The service warns everyone of the exceptionally poor air quality in the city. It was described as “dangerous” on Wednesday at 3pm local time (9pm Belgian time), the worst possible qualification. Everyone is advised to stay home and limit activities as much as possible.

look. The images show a distinct orange glow over New York City

Air quality will also be “unhealthy” on Thursday, as indicated by the forecast. The weather is warm at the moment in New York, with little wind. As a result, the smoke still lingers.

There is hope for Friday, if some rain is forecast. After the weekend, it should rain for a few days, which will greatly reduce the inconvenience caused by the smoke.

But the smoke is also affecting other parts of the United States. The US environmental agency, the US Environmental Protection Agency, issued warnings about poor air quality to more than 100 million US residents on Wednesday. Warnings are in effect across much of the northeastern United States, from Chicago to southern Atlanta.

The Environmental Protection Agency has issued Code Red for New York and Washington, D.C. This means that the general public may experience health effects. Code Orange applies to other affected areas, which corresponds to the potential impact on the health of those at risk.

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