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It was Devon’s first heroic act at school. There, a classmate of the 11-year-old boy opened the cap of his water bottle with his mouth, at which point the cap suddenly shot down his throat. Devon immediately responded and performed the Heimlich maneuver (A method for preventing suffocation, ed.“Go out with the boy,” the police said. His quick reaction caused the cap to loosen and his teammate was able to breathe again. The young hero informed the officers that he learned the method on YouTube.

When Devon came home from school a few hours later, he rescued another person in need. He saw a sick woman coming out of her house while a fire broke out in the back of the house. “She was standing in her driveway, but I thought I should help her cross the road like a good citizen and get into her car to leave,” Devon said. The fire spread throughout the house shortly thereafter, so the woman narrowly escaped.

Officers awarded the teen a degree that now makes him an honorary member of the local police and sheriff’s department. “He always says he wants to be a paramedic. He’s now turned that desire into practice,” said Devon’s headmistress Latricia Dawkins.

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