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Wait Chelsea An exhilarating attacking force constantly explode in life. Although Dummy Abraham’s two late goals gave the scoreline a disappointing look, their first win of seven attempts in the first half of the season this season was more than inspiring. West Ham hides the fact that they forced the game in their terms for long characters.

The setback in the end was enough to move Chelsea to fifth place, but the final three did not allay concerns about rhythm. With Diego Silva influencing the back, Frank Lampart’s side handled some awkward moments as they rose above Tottenham in the difference. They struggled for a clean sheet and it was positive to see Lampard create some quality moments even though his perspectives did not play well, while West Ham regretted finishing some powder puff and a slow start.

“We needed this in the wake of two failures,” Lampard said. “Our defensive game was good. I didn’t think it was a beautiful game. I thought the boys handled it well.”

Silva was the one who initially set the tone for Chelsea whenever the ball came forward to West Ham, leaving Sebastian Holler out. The center-back’s aggression summed up Chelsea’s positive mood, which allowed the play to be crushed.

Holler was a little surprised to be a better defender. David Moyes saw the Frenchman on the touchline. West Ham center-back Angelo Okhpona, who seemed to be leading Holler through the game, told him when to run and where to go. It didn’t feel like a better way to build, as West Ham struggled to hold on, with Chelsea’s high intensity when Silva broke the deadlock 10 minutes later, backing up a bad sign to meet the corner of Mason Mount with a powerful header.

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Silva celebrated with a roar. Under pressure after the defeats to Everton and the Wolves, Chelsea welcomed the progress. For a while they were all over West Ham. Christian Pulisic was threatened with lively small drops and the second goal may have come when he crossed the low center goal of the mountain.

Declan Rice was skeptical of being offered a run-round against his childhood club. The West Ham midfielder, who is Chelsea’s target, knew his teammates were on pace. That’s not the way for West Ham this season. Worse and more physical, they had ways of hurting Chelsea. They thought they had an early lead when Rice hit a tight angle after being released by a quick free-kick. An offsite flag reduces celebrations.

Diego Silva goes home towards the starting goal. Photo: Clive Rose / Getty Images

Eager to adopt a strong approach, Moyes abandoned the talented but unbelievable Chad Benrahma for Mark Nobel. With numbers in midfield, West Ham began to threaten, which was driven by Rice. Jarrod Bowen ran into Emerson Palmeri, who was introduced in the left back after Ben Silvell injured his ankle, and Aaron Cresswell shot wide. Kurt Zuma cleared an overhead kick from Haller, while Bowen Silva dismissed a goal for a questionable error.

There was always a feeling that Chelsea had extra gear. After 43 minutes they faced it brilliantly, with the blur of the police movement. However, when winger Timo Werner was released, Germany’s distrust betrayed him. Goalless since the beginning of November, Werner fired straight at Lucas Fabianski.

Werner looked up at the sky, wondering when his luck would change. He recently missed a number of opportunities, a cross, cut high while running at Matthew Harding stand, summarizing his efforts for most of the night. Fortunately for Chelsea, West Ham’s forward line did not reduce the threat either. At the beginning of the second half a Creswell crucifix was begging to go home. Haller, rising, looked well wide.

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West Ham kept pressing, turning themselves into a nuisance and winning consecutive corners. Thomas Suzek won titles in midfield, while Bowen was looking for openings on the right. Unable to dictate Jorgenho flow instead of Guy Howard in midfield, Chelsea were forced to eliminate air danger.

Half the opportunities came and went. Caesar aspilicueta was prevented when Pablo Fornells became sure of the balance. Introduced for the Funerals, Benrahma found space in the area and a shot was deflected wide. West Ham would not have had a bite without the injured Michael Antonio, Gulf said in the final class. “We did good things, but there weren’t enough good things in both boxes,” Moyes later said.

Werner was rewarded for refusing to drop his head, and his cross shot helped close the score when he saw Abraham, who passed Fabianski. A few minutes later Abraham took Chelsea to the defense and finished again from close range. Lampart believes there is more to come.

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