Top skaters send an emergency call to The Hague to save Thialf

Successful (former) skaters such as Sven Kramer, Erin West, Renje Retsma and Mark Tweetert are concerned about Thialf’s survival. They come with an urgent appeal to The Hague. They signed a letter demanding more money.

The Netherlands’ most important skate park faces the risk of being forced to close if financial aid from the government does not come soon, it has been reported. telegraph. According to the newspaper, “a nightmare lurks” if help does not come. If no action is taken, it is realistic that the top skaters will not be able to train at Thialif.

20 million euros required

The shortage has already been supplemented by the province of Friesland before. But there isn’t enough money for real maintenance or new machines. The KNSB ski association fears that if one of the cooling machines stops working, the entire ski season will be plunged into chaos. The athletes want The Hague to bring in 20 million euros.

However, it will by no means be profitable, according to the Ski Association. But just like theaters and swimming pools, it is important that they are there to educate future skaters.

Thialf is a creator

Juba van den Berg, MP for CDA, will draw the attention of her colleague dealing with this matter, as she says on Good Morning Holland on NPO 1. “I can’t just spend money here. But Thialf is creative. I will pass this on to my colleague very warmly.”

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Written by: Bert Van Dorn

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