Tottenham-Fulham postponement ‘professional’ – Jose Mourinho

Tottenham’s home game against Fulham was postponed for the third time in the Premier League because of a Govt explosion.

Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho says Wednesday’s suspension against Fulham was “unprofessional”.

After Fulham reported several positive Covit-19 cases, the Premier League game was postponed to three hours before the 18:00 GMT kick-off.

Cottagers boss Scott Parker has said he is “not sure” if Fulham will travel to Burnley on Sunday.

“I didn’t want to talk too much about it. I felt professional, but it was like that,” Mourinho said.

“We were preparing ourselves for that match, which would disrupt work for a week.”

Mourinho posted a video on Instagram on Wednesday afternoon, showing his players and staff at the club’s training ground awaiting a decision on whether to continue the competition.

He titled the video “One of the best leagues in the world”.

Fulham manager Parker said the cottages were “in the same condition as Tottenham” before they were canceled.

“We were at a hotel and we didn’t know until it was too late,” Parker said, missing Fulham’s draw with Southampton on Dec. 26, while one of his housemates isolated himself after checking the positive.

“We sat 20 minutes away from the ground.”

The game was postponed for the third time due to a Kovit explosion between players and club staff, with Aston Villa v Newcastle and Everton v Manchester City going to undecided future dates.

The Premier League competition list is under unprecedented pressure as the season starts later than usual and the late 2020 European Championship is scheduled for again in June.

Parker is unhappy that an unspecified number of players have been isolated and the rest of the Fulham squad will be forced to travel to Burnley with his side greatly reduced.

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“They say 14 players is the cut-off line for a team. I don’t think it’s right for you to go with a three-man bench with 14 players,” he said.

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