Tourism versus nature: Two Barbuda residents may sue the government over illegal construction of an airport

When you say Barbuda, you think snow-white beaches, azure blue sea waters and swaying palm trees. The pristine nature alone attracts many tourists every year to the remote island in the Caribbean Sea. A little paradise, part of the island of Antigua and Barbuda. The late British Princess Diana, among others, regularly vacationed there with her children, Prince Harry and Prince William.

The government saw great opportunities in the tourism sector. The Government in collaboration with Barbuda Council has concluded a deal with PLH Barbuda Ltd. Discovery Land has drawn up plans to build 495 luxury villas, a huge golf course and a beach bar.

To easily bring tourists to the island, the government began building a new amphitheater in 2017. This happened in a controversial manner. Construction began almost immediately after the passage of Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 hurricane that reached 290 kilometers per hour at its peak. Then the government started a new project, while there were still ruins everywhere due to the natural disaster. Nearly 160 hectares of the nature reserve have also been lost due to construction.

In addition, the territory of Barbuda is effectively owned jointly by all residents. They decide together what to do with it, but the government built the airport without any participation.

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