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Sunday, April 24th is marked by a point in their agenda for many runners. Antwerp then forms the backdrop for the 10-mile run, an annual event that runs through the city centre. This year, the Troubadour races the city for 16 kilometers. We follow him in his preparation and get tips for everyone.

Running and intense sports? number. It was never high on the list of priorities for Johannes Weiss, better known as Tourist LeMC.

Tourist LeMC launched in 2015 with songs like the king of Love And the in the path† The musical ball started rolling and hasn’t stopped since. Not surprisingly, Johannes’ music gets all the attention, at the expense of rehearsal. Now he would like to see this change.

“I want to do something about my fitness again,” Tourist LeMC says in good spirits at the start of his walking test.

“Since my early childhood, I did sports intensively and was in good shape. I still play football here and there and sometimes do strength training. But the great athlete? No, I’m not.”

3 months of preparation is the absolute minimum. But it is possible, if you approach it wisely.

There is only the tourist and organize AG Antwerp 10 miles each other. As the biggest running event in Flanders, the 10 Miles wants to be there for it
Everyone, as well as those who are not a (frequent) runner. He can run a short distance of 6.5 kilometers and even finish 10 miles if he is prepared properly and responsibly.

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Tourist LeMC immediately set a clear goal: 10 miles from Antwerp exhaust. This is at a distance of 16 km.

But is this still possible? Because April 24 is not far away, only 12 weeks.

“Yes,” says athletic trainer Theis Decker. “But it will be close. If he does it wisely, it is possible.”

Johannes doesn’t just start it. Since he has not exercised extensively in recent years, he has been directed at training and nutrition. You can follow his progress at Sporza over the next few weeks. You also enjoy the advice he gets.

“I’m not afraid,” Tourist LeMC says. “I’m curious how heavy the running schedule is. I’m expecting my condition to be pretty bad and it’s going to be on top of 10 miles. I’m ready to all the way Togo.”

Tourist LeMC: “I’d like to finish the match before Bart De Wever”

Then measure zero? How is he really?

Sports coach Theis put the Antwerp singer on a treadmill and made him run faster and go deeper into the red zone. So it no longer works. Meanwhile, the sports coach took measurements of heart rate and lactic acid, on the basis of which the starting state was calculated.

“Despite the fact that he didn’t walk much, we can definitely start with his base condition,” says Thijs.

But the sports coach is confident that he should succeed, although he will be soon anyway. Thijs: “3 months is the absolute minimum. But it’s possible, in a reasonable way. Starting out too enthusiastically is the biggest risk, because then you can get injured.”

Tourist LeMC himself was even more careful after the test: “I’m totally broke tube boards† I got off the treadmill drunk and needed a shower.”

“I totally agree. Even if I finish at least 10 miles ahead of Bart de Wever.”

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