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Malaysia-based Toybox Projects will present an online performance event called Toybox Showcase, where four Japanese independent bands will perform. This event will be held on Saturday 16th October on YouTube channel Toy Box Projects It is free to view.

The first edition of the Toybox Showcase starts at 3pm JST, which is 8am in the Netherlands and 7am in the UK, which means this is the perfect breakfast show.

For the first part of the Toybox Showcase, they invited four Japanese rock bands to perform at the Yoyogi Labo Live Theater in Tokyo. The performance teams are TRILL-DAN, TEN-SIN, ZEROSHIKI and Dazedgarden. The group consists of veteran bands who have performed several times in Japanese live roles and some of the bands have already toured abroad.

Toybox Showcase is a program that focuses on various aspects of the Japanese entertainment scene and its artists. Through interviews, live shows, and special highlights, you’ll discover the ins and outs of J-Entertainment, available exclusively on the Toybox Projects YouTube channel.


A rock trio consisting of guitarist Gwan, bassist Maru and vocalist Jiva. Often described as a mixture of rock ‘n’ roll with punk, TRILL-DAN has a wild and fierce fighting spirit with a touch of unpredictability in its style. The band’s first commercial album Megabasutarizumu, released in 2007, produced by Kiyoharu (former lead singer of Kuroyume & Sads). The band toured Europe, including a show at Japan Expo Paris in 2009.

Tin Sin

The rock quartet TEN-SIN was founded in 2009 by two brothers from Kochi, Yoichi and Kohei. Later, Ogi and Hikari joined the band to complete it. Operating under the band’s name Tenderly Thingummy, they released one album and two mini albums before changing the band’s name in 2014. Oji retired from the band later that year and was replaced by Fujisawa. The band is still going strong, armed with brotherhoods on guitar crisscrossing left and right with American rock as spearheads, a tightly cut rhythm section, and a lyrical vocal melody. From afar in Tokyo, the band remembers their hometown and roars the sound Kochi cherishes.

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An alternative rock band, ZEROSHIKI was founded by bassist Mugi in 1998, and was originally called Hyakushiki. In 2005 he changed the name to ZEROSHIKI to indicate that the band members started from scratch. However, everyone at ZEROSHIKI has a great deal of experience, not only in Japan, but all over the world, with both major local and international bands. After some changes to the members, ZEROSHIKI released their EP in April of 2017, Reunion, from. In the same year they also toured Japan in August, and toured the West Coast of the USA in December. In May of 2019, the music video for 朧 (RO) chest. This took the band to the next level. At the end of the same year, they also took a European tour with Define Me (from the Czech Republic), organized in part by AVO magazine.


Tokyo-based rock band Dazedgarden has gained popularity for their original songs written and composed in a nostalgic sound far beyond alternative or metal with strong, natural lines and melody. Singer Ryuna Nishiyama writes her poetic lyrics that grab your heart and get stuck in your head. As a four-piece band consisting of Ryuna Nishiyama on guitar and as vocalist, Hideki Nanba on guitar and Tenji Nagano on bass, the band is known for their frenetic and fiery movements on stage. Dazedgarden recently released an album called white echoIt consists of a mixture of remastered songs and a new song.

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Toybox Projects is a multinational corporation engaged in multi-entertainment, multimedia and various projects based in Kuala Lumpur related to Japanese culture and entertainment. Their goals are to revive the Japanese wave in the region, introduce new and exciting forms of Japanese culture, and foster deeper ties between Japan and Malaysia through a range of cultural projects.

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