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A tropical (windy) weekend awaits us in Belgium, with temperatures over 30°C. Vacationers traveling abroad can also prepare for warm, dry weather. Maybe too hot. The mercury rises sharply, especially in southern Europe, with peaks reaching 45 degrees in Spain.

look. We get this weather tonight and tomorrow in Belgium:

The fact that we have a tropical weekend this weekend is due to the situation in southern Europe: thanks to the southern current, warm air from France and Spain is moving here.

Warm and windy

Tomorrow may be the best day. The weather is sunny and warm, with temperatures reaching 29 degrees in the middle and 27 or 28 degrees in the sea. On Saturday we get between 30 and 32 degrees inland and about 30 degrees by sea. As the day progresses, the chance of rain with thunderstorms increases, and the temperature quickly drops below 25 degrees in the sea due to westerly winds in the afternoon. On Sunday, temperatures reach around 23 degrees on the beach and between 26 and 29 degrees in the Inside. After a lot of sun at first, then violent thunderstorms over our country from France. After the weekend, the temperature drops to average values ​​for this time of year. Then it will still be variable with occasional rain.

A man in Madrid looking to calm down. Spain experiences extremely high temperatures. ©AP

south of Europe

For longer sunny, warm and dry summer weather, vacationers have to go to southern Europe. Temperatures there will continue to rise next week, especially in the area around the Mediterranean Sea, according to the Dutch meteorological service Weeronline. In Spain it can reach 40 degrees, in the Andalusia region up to 45 degrees. It can also reach 40 degrees in Sardinia, Sicily, and at the southern tip of the Italian mainland.

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It is less hot along the Adriatic Sea. There will be 30 to 35 degrees next week. On the Greek islands, the temperature stays fairly constant at around 30 degrees.

Northwest Europe

Closer to home it is cooler and changeable. On Sunday, thunderstorms from France will indeed provide cooling. In Ireland, Great Britain, parts of France, the Benelux and Scandinavia, the temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees, and the chance of clouds and rain is greater. Deeper in southern France, Germany is warmer and more stable.

Vacationers in alpine countries are faced with calm summer weather and temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees. There is a chance of rain and thunderstorms.

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