Trump’s ex-chief of staff accuses Nancy Pelosi and members of the Capitol Storm investigation

With the indictment, Meadows wants, among other things, to prevent the commission from requesting his phone data from a Verizon provider, reports CNN.

Meadows was supposed to appear before the committee on Wednesday, but said through his attorney that he would not attend. Documents the commission received from Meadows’ attorneys included communications with the organizers of the January 6 demonstration that culminated in the storming of the Capitol. There is also communication between Meadows and the little-known congressman about the possibility of replacing some of the state’s electoral votes with self-elected candidates in order to keep Trump in power. The promoter reportedly said he thought this was a great proposition.

The former chief of staff now refuses to answer questions about the documents he voluntarily handed over. This angered the investigation committee, which threatened criminal prosecution. The promoter is seen as a key witness, according to him Politico Behind the “executive privilege”, which former President Trump constantly invokes and which allows the president to keep certain information confidential. However, Trump is no longer president and legal experts believe the former president has lost that privilege.

As chief of staff, Meadows held one of the most important positions in the White House during the January 6 riots. Then Trump supporters stormed the House of Representatives because they wanted to prevent lawmakers from ratifying the results of the presidential election. They were lost by Trump, who continued to insist without evidence of fraud. He called on his supporters in Washington, D.C. that day to do something about it. Several people were killed during the storming of the Capitol.

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