Turns out, the smoke from Tata Steel isn’t very good for your health

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ijmodenIt turns out that living next door to Tata Steel is not as good for your health as it was once thought. This was stated in a report by the Selingenberg Institute. The institute followed fifteen people who lived near the steel mill. It turns out that they are not healthier, but in fact less healthy than people who live farther from the factory.

“The craziest things are said about living under the smoke of Tata Steel. It is said to be good for the lungs, heart and other vital organs. However, our research shows that this is not the case. If living next door to Tata Steel has an effect on health, it is this It’s more negative than positive.”

The findings of the investigation represent a major setback for those around Tata Steel. Some neighbors even have one Claim submitted At Tata Steel, because the smoke from the factory chimneys does not have the beneficial effect they expected.

“Precisely for the sake of my health, I moved as close as possible to Tata Steel,” said one frustrated local. “But now it turns out that because of my bronchitis, it might have been better if I moved next door to another steel mill.”

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