Twelve minutes take about 15 to 18 hours

Even though the game is called Twelve Minutes, it still takes a long time to finish. What a relief!

Twelve minutes takes approximately fifteen to eighteen hours. Director Luis Antonio reported about this through ID @ XboxInterview.

“The course takes twelve minutes, but the agent enters the story after three minutes, for example,” says the director. “If it was Aardvark Day, Bill Murray died during breakfast. So once you survive the cop, the cycle continues.”

We initially estimated the game would take around eight hours to play, but in practice, that would take about fifteen to eighteen hours during our tests. Therefore, it goes deeper and contains what I would call a satisfactory ending. “

Antonio also says the game will be released very soon.

“The game is in the last and final stage. We are running quality checks, polishing it, and various gameplay tests to make sure the game runs smoothly and is finished with music. It will release soon, very soon – definitely this year. We don’t know a specific date yet, but we’ll share it when it will happen. That. “

Twelve Minutes revolve around a man and his wife killed by a policeman who came to the door. Then the man enters a time cycle that begins over and over again as soon as he and / or his wife pass away. Players have exactly twelve minutes to find a way to survive by combining items into the house.

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