Twitter is testing a new feature: sharing with a small group of friends

The Flocks option has not been officially announced by Twitter, but it is already being tested. Tech expert Alessandro Paluzzi was able to check out the feature and share it on Twitter Snapshots already for what it looks like.

With this feature, you can add up to 150 people to a flock. Tweets sent to Flock will not be publicly available, but will only be visible to Flock members.

Users will have the option to make the tweet visible to everyone or not, which is reminiscent of Instagrams ‘close friends’option when posting a story. The herd members will then be notified that the tweet is visible only to their group.

response control

Flock is basically an extension for Twitters response control-Selection. This is a feature that allows users to choose who can view tweets and who can reply to them.

Flock is also largely compatible with the new Twitter section Societies, a space intended to give Twitter the option to share Tweets with a specific group of people. With communities, Twitter wants users to have more specialized discussions with smaller groups, unlike the classic Twitter feed where everyone can see everything.

testing phase

Flocks is currently in the testing phase and it is not yet known when the feature will be available to everyone. Twitter hasn’t made an official announcement yet.

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