Twitter X has become: ‘It is incomprehensible to put this name in the trash’

Niessen quips: “Well, first, do the basics right. If you have a trusted brand name and prove you’re reliable in terms of technology, it’s possible. In recent months, Twitter has often had crashes, restrictions imposed, Elon Musk acted like a thug, and moderation decreased. Not the things that make me think: Here are my credit card details…”

She herself expects people to go to Thread, Meta’s new platform, which also includes Facebook and Instagram. And the fact that Musk wants to tie all kinds of services to X does not guarantee success, you think: “There are too many alternatives.”

Musk is not stupid

However, Niessen still had hope: “Elon Musk is doing a lot of cool things. SpaceX and Tesla are very smart companies. He’s not stupid. There might still be something we don’t see …”

Van der Waal isn’t hoping for much: “In Europe, it’s very difficult to bind services to GDPR. You see, themes haven’t been released in Europe due to issues with privacy legislation. Whatever Elon Musk’s master plan is, it won’t offer us a solution in Europe.” He wonders if other companies will now jump into the Twitter hole, as Mastodon does, for example.

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