Two Italian skiers died in an avalanche in France

Two Italian skiers, aged 31 and 49, died Thursday after being swept away by an avalanche at Mont Blanc. The emergency services reported this on Friday. Also, two people were killed on Wednesday in the same rock mass.

The two victims were buried by a wind plate that moved over them. Skiers at the time were at an altitude of about 3,600 meters on Aiguille Verte in Haute-Savoie County.

When the two men did not return, their loved ones worried about the emergency services. They in turn contacted the Chamonix Gendarmerie Platoon, which specializes in providing assistance in the mountains.

They quickly found the first body on the Argentière Glacier during an aerial reconnaissance. An avalanche dragged skiers nearly half a mile.

The second victim was found a few hours later thanks to the systems that tracked victims of various avalanches. In total, fifteen rescue workers participated in the operation.

This is the second time in two days that the Mont Blanc mass has plunged into mourning. On Wednesday, a skier and mountaineer were found dead in two separate avalanches. Venture out into the rock mass is dangerous due to snow conditions.

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