Ubisoft suspends online 90 old games

The online jobs of at least ninety old Ubisoft games have been discontinued. Just Dance games until 2018, Rainbow Six Vegas, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Rayman games, among others, are the worst.

The digital future of gaming does not bode well. Often times old online gaming jobs are discontinued to save costs. Earlier this year Ubisoft pulled the plug on Hyper Scape for the same reason. Yet it happens again. Only this time the damage was not limited to just one failed Battle Royale game, but to ninety famous games. As a result, games can no longer be played online. Also, in-game news and player stats are no longer visible. Modules and challenges are also a thing of the past in titles that have used Ubisoft Connect services. Small consolation: you can still unlock rewards. Unfortunately, these bonuses can no longer be claimed in the games themselves.

The games in Far Cry, Just Dance, Rabbids, Rayman and Splinter Cell, among others, are victims of this decision. You can find the full list of games on the Ubisoft support page at the link below. You can still play games offline.

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