UFC 282 | Pemblate and weight loss process 20 kg to achieve the light weight

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The process of wasting a fighter on weigh-in day is often under fire. It is not healthy for your body and in the long run can also cause kidney damage, for example.

Buddy Pemblett is not here getting ready to fight

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Pemblett is one of those athletes who must lose a lot of weight to get into the light weight category. This is partly due to his great love of food and excessive weight gain between fights.


According to Pemblett, it’s not hard to explain why he’s gaining so much weight and how to gain the weight back. The Englishman indicated during his podcast that he would go from 2,000 calories a day to 8,000 calories a day if he wasn’t preparing for a fight. According to the Englishman, weight will also decrease if he follows a diet and reduces calorie intake.

macro head

Pemblett praises “Macro Chef” Joel McCarthy for providing proper food in the lead-up to the fight. Pemblett eats between 1,400 and 1,700 calories a day before a fight. This seems to be going well for Pimblett so far as he has won all the fights in the UFC so far. However, the fight against Jordan-Levitt in July turned out to be quite challenging in terms of overweight.

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Twenty kilos in seven weeks

Pimblett returned from the United States fully fed when the UFC announced the event in London. Pemblett knew he was going to have to fight the event with only seven weeks left to shed the extra pounds.

Pemblett weighed 20 kilograms over the featherweight limit, but eventually managed to barely make the weight.

Fourth time

Two weeks ago, Pemblett weighed 20 pounds over the featherweight limit. However, the Liverpool fighter is not worried because he was heavier and had to lose more weight.

co-main event

Pimblett fights for the first time on Sunday morning during a major UFC PPV and can therefore immediately show off his skills during the co-main event. Opponent Jared Gordon will want to put an end to this with all his might.

Jared Gordon

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