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UK Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister Dominic Raab has announced his resignation from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government. He did so after investigating allegations of bullying. He himself speaks of a “dangerous precedent.”

An investigation has been opened against Raab following eight complaints by former employees. It concerned his conduct during the time he was Secretary of State, as well as during his first term as Minister of Justice.

According to Raab, the investigation report was a “dangerous precedent” that would lead to “false complaints” against ministers. “This will have a bad effect on those who are trying to make changes on behalf of your government,” Sunak warned.

“Keep my promise”

Raab promised to resign if the investigation revealed bullying. So it is important that I keep my word, he writes.

The minister notes that the report “denies all but two allegations”. “In my opinion, the burden of proof in those cases is insufficient.”

“within the limits of reason”

The question is whether Rapp was just a stern demander or whether his behavior crossed the line of harassment. Raab says ministers should be able to directly supervise senior officials in crucial negotiations. “Otherwise, the democratic and constitutional principle of ministerial responsibility will be lost,” Raab writes. He adds that this was especially true during his tenure as foreign minister.

“Ministers must be able to provide direct critical feedback on briefings and suggestions for setting standards and implementing changes that people expect of us. Of course, this must be done within reason.

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Never swear or shout

According to Raab, the report concluded that he had not cursed or yelled at anyone once in 4.5 years. Nor will he throw something, physically attack someone, or intentionally belittle someone.

He added, “I sincerely apologize if I unknowingly caused stress because of the pace, the standards and the challenges I’m posing within the Department of Justice.” “However, this is what the public expects from ministers acting on their behalf.”

According to the British public broadcaster BBC, the report has not yet been published. Prime Minister Sunak received the report yesterday and is still reviewing the results.

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