UK relaxes visa rules for Oscars and no …

Winners of Nobel Prizes, Oscars and other prestigious awards are more likely to obtain visas that allow them to live and work in the UK. This was announced by the British Home Office on Wednesday. Its purpose is to bring “the best and brightest” people to the UK.

The visa process will also be expedited for winners of certain major categories such as the Golden Globes, BAFTOS, the Brit Awards, the Tony Awards and the Fashion Awards. At Grammys, only the Lifetime Achievement Award category counts. Award-winning professionals in science and technology can also apply the new scheme to the ‘Global Talent’ visa process.

“The winners of those awards have reached the highest level in their lives and there is a lot for Britain to offer them,” said Home Secretary Priti Patel. The new rules give them the freedom to work in “our leading arts, sciences, music and film industries.” “That’s why we’ve created a new immigration system: to attract the best and brightest people based on their talent and talents, not their background.”

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