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At the United Nations Human Rights Council (UN), do not discuss About the Systematic Repression of the Uyghurs by China. The United States and the United Kingdom requested it, with support from a variety of Western countries. China, which denied everything despite compelling evidence, rejected the proposal. Backed by other notorious human rights abusers such as Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. In the end, 17 countries voted in favor of the resolution, but 19 countries voted against it.

It has been known for years that China in Xinjiang has been torturing and imprisoning the Muslim Uyghur minority in internment camps. Last month, the United Nations also concluded that China was guilty of serious human rights abuses. However, the council, which aims specifically to uphold human rights treaties, will not act now to expose the crimes committed by China.

China, a permanent member of the Human Rights Council, has warned that an investigation in China could open the door wide to human rights investigations in other countries. Enough countries that would prefer not to have this happen. In addition, there are many countries that are economically dependent on China and therefore do not dare to speak out.

In addition to the above countries, Indonesia, Pakistan, Cuba and Venezuela voted against the investigation. Twelve countries abstained, including Brazil and India.

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