Unique stage unveiled for the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö: “We will overtake Rotterdam” | RTL Street

The organization of next year’s Eurovision Song Contest was presented at the Malmö International Singing Contest Theater on Tuesday. The stage consists of LED-lit cubes that can move and an LED-lit floor. Those who designed the stage were production designers Florian Feder and Frederik Sturmby, who are responsible for lighting and video images.

“I find an audience that can stand around the entire main stage particularly innovative.”

Eurovision Song Contest executive producer Ebba Adelson says he can present the stage and lighting design with pride. “We have never seen anything like this before in the Eurovision Song Contest and the concept gives us endless possibilities to create unique spaces for both the participating artists and the opening and interlude performances. Florian and Fredrik’s creativity is simply amazing and it will also be a lot of fun to see the end result!”

Wieder is “very happy” to be part of the Eurovision family. “Putting on a special show is a team effort and I’m proud to be part of a dream team of professionals. We all have the same vision of what this show should be and how we can take the Eurovision Song Contest to the next level, and for me, Sweden always guarantees good music and entertainment.” “. See photos from the stage below.

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According to Eurovision expert Aran Bade, Sweden is bound to exceed all expectations. “It’s a really cool Swedish tech tour,” he says. “Sweden loves the Eurovision Song Contest, and Melodifest gets bigger every year. I think this will outshine the decor at Rotterdam 2021.” “I think an audience that can surround the entire main stage is particularly innovative.”

The Eurovision Song Contest in 2024 will be held on May 7, 9 and 11 in Malmö. Joost Klein participates on behalf of the Netherlands. His number has not been released yet.

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