Until Dawn for PS5 and PC is currently in the works at Virtuos

It is possible that we will receive an announcement about the Until Dawn remake during the new State of Play. The game has already appeared in previous rumours, though the title has now also been spotted as a Virtuos project via a LinkedIn profile.

Reddit user KekanKok discovered that a former 3D animator at Virtuos, known for Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, worked on the game. Nacri Lu was an employee of the studio from October 2018 to 2020, providing animation on several projects.

One of the games Law worked on was Until Dawn, which is described as a “PC/console game”. Considering that the original PS4 title was actually released in 2015, it’s already a brand new release. Unfortunately, it is not known whether this is a re-release or a remake/remaster.

Recently, famous leaker BillBil-kun leaked the existence of a PS5/PC version of Until Dawn. The man even expects an announcement within the next 14 days. Since Sony announced the State of Play on January 31, it is possible that we will see the project then.

As you know, Until Dawn is an interactive horror game in which 8 friends spend a night in a remote mountain hut. When some strange events suddenly happen, they must do everything they can to spend the night in one piece. Famous faces in the cast include Rami Malek and Hayden Panettiere.

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