US holds hearing on UFOs

For the first time in 50 years, the US government is speaking publicly about UFOs. What does this mean for science?

Although it is often laughed at, many people are still convinced that foreigners visit us regularly. Last Tuesday was an important day for this group. Then the US government organized a hearing on unidentified flying objects, after a Report Which was released last year and achieved 140 strange views.

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Extraterrestrial life

These situations represent a potential safety risk to the relevant authorities. If they don’t know what they’re looking for, they don’t know if it’s dangerous. So they’re not very much looking for extraterrestrial life, but they want to know what they’re dealing with. Often UFOs are simply drones or arise from faulty measuring equipment. For example, one of the UFOs in the report was later identified as a broken weather balloon.

So America is ready to talk seriously about it again, and this also raises a lot in science. For example, Jacob Haq Misra, a researcher at the Blue Marble Institute for Space Science, said interested in trade He wants the government to engage scientists: “We need transparency if we want to better understand UFOs.”


There is a huge stain surrounding UFOs. And soon anyone who talks about it will be accused of spreading conspiracy theories, especially if you are a scientist. So Haq Maisarah believes it is important for the US government to be open. Now the observations are mainly based on eyewitnesses. By involving the science, you get challenging measurements. Then you can say with more confidence what is really happening and counteract conspiracy thinking. The general public can then also see how science deals with something unknown.

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So maybe we’ll learn a lot about UFOs in the future, although we probably won’t be able to visit any green men.

sources: interested in tradeBBC

Photo: Pixabay / Peter-Lomas

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