Useful tips to prevent SIM swapping

Sim exchange is becoming more and more popular. According to security experts, changing the SIM card in a mobile phone is something that is happening more and more often. Fortunately, there is something that can be done about it.

SIM swap

Sim swap occurs when a cyber criminal duplicates a file SIM card she has. For this he or she needs your personal data. Think of an ID, phone number, and full name. Information that is sometimes easy to obtain with a simple phishing attack. Then they call your service provider, pretending to be you and can bypass the often mandatory two-factor authentication, for example, banks. All they have to do is insert a SIM card into a device and they have instant access to all kinds of victim information, such as call logs and messages.

Check Point Software Technologies has collected tips on how to counter these annoying practices. First, you need to make sure that you are careful in handling personal data. In fact, this is standard phishing talk: beware of the sites you visit: does the url begin with https? Also check if you see other crazy things, for example: does ING suddenly have a red lion instead of an orange lion? Is Albert Haegen’s logo wrong?

be cerfull

Do you see misspellings or other suspicious things or do you have to give away all kinds of data the company already has or that doesn’t seem necessary at all? Also check the domain name carefully. If you receive an email from [email protected], it is likely that you have received a phishing message. Also, feel free to contact the company that appears to be emailing you. Prevention is better than cure.

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However, specifically for SIM swapping, there is another essential item on the checklist: Do you lose signal? It is possible that your mobile signal will be completely lost once a malicious person uses the duplicate SIM. You probably won’t be able to call and text anymore (and if you’re not connected to WiFi, you can’t use WhatsApp and use the internet on your phone either). If something like this happens, contact your service provider and immediately block your number and explain what might happen and discuss the steps you can take next. For example, also check the file Police website For more information about SIM swapping.

Do you know or know someone who has been a victim of SIM swapping? How did you find out and solve that? Leave it now in the comments.

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