Van Gerwin crawls through the eye of the needle: Colin points to score, but then misses darts against world number one | Darts in the World Cup

WK ArrowsMichael Van Gerwin got the eye of the needle at the World Darts Championships. The Dutch top seed won his fourth round against Joe Colin (PDC-16), although the latter had two darts. In the quarter-finals, Van Gerwin may have to wait for Dimitri van den Berg.

Colin threw the match of his life by scoring 19 points out of 180. This was a record for a World Cup fourth round match. The 16th-seeded Englishman had a chance twice to eliminate the match, but to rest Van Gerwin, the Briton squandered.

Van Gerwin did not throw the same in his victories last week against Scotland’s Ryan Murray (3-1) and England’s Ricky Evans (4-0), but he is still averaging over 100 moments.

Van Gerwen lost the first set because he couldn’t find an arrow in the double eight. De Brabandar trailed 3-1 after failing to finish Group D with 20 doubles. Van Gerwin faltered, but fought his way to a 3-3 tie in sets.

At 2-2 in the legs in the critical group, the tension became too much for Colin. Suddenly he seemed to realize that it had to happen now. The Englishman succumbed to this pressure in the crucial leg. Van Gerwin was quick to decide the match in his favor after all. The Dutchman advances to the quarter-finals and Dimitri van den Berg may be waiting there, if he wins his fourth round that morning against Dave Chisnal.

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