Verknipt has never been a very popular event

The Verknipt Festival isn’t a very popular event after all. Because many visitors have already been infected before they reach the festival. This is evident from the source and communication research conducted by GGD Utrecht.

More than two-thirds of the people who went to the festival had already been infected before going there. People who have been fully vaccinated do not currently need an entry test. The fact that people are allowed to take the tests themselves 40 hours before admission also poses a risk for a greater number of infections, says Putri Hintaran, an infection control physician at GGD Utrecht. What you want is for the system to be completely weatherproof. This means that people can only get a “green check” in the CoronaCheck app two weeks after a full vaccination. It is also important that as many people as possible are vaccinated.

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What is happening now is that people visit different events one by one. An idea for that, according to Hintaran, would be that the QR code can only be used once. I think the previous relaxation opened a lot and very quickly. It is better to do it step by step. If people go to an event once a week, you can reduce the risk of infection. The message was first: Everything is open, as long as you test. I think there is another way.

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