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Not only are large parts of Europe currently experiencing wintry weather, but weather services are also bracing for extreme cold on the other side of the Atlantic. A bubble full of Arctic cold will begin after the weekend and large parts of Canada and North America will be plunged into freezing cold. How cold is it there? Are there also consequences for the weather in Europe?

look. Earlier this week, North America was already seeing heavy snow and rain

The Meteorological Department expects a new and severe cold wave at the end of this week. Earlier this week, North America saw cold air coming from the north. Part of the polar vortex, also called the polar vortex, is moving toward Central America, making it difficult for the mercury to rise above -10 degrees Celsius during the day. During the night, the mercury can drop further with a snow cover above minimum temperatures of -20°C. Meanwhile, the NWS (National Weather Service) is predicting up to 20 inches of snow cover in parts of the Midwest.

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The supplied air will turn cold from the weekend and will invade most of North America. Part of the polar vortex descends to the south. © Asif

Very cold weather will also significantly increase energy consumption. That’s why ERCOT (the American organization that runs the Texas power grid) has one Weather monitoring Announce. They expect the possibility of power outages due to the extreme cold. At lower temperatures, more heating and electricity are consumed. In Texas, this led to major power outages in 2021, affecting 5 million people.

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Are there also consequences for Europe?

An outbreak of extremely cold air over North America could have consequences for European weather. The contrasts between warm and cold air become very large over the Atlantic Ocean and this can activate the jet stream. “With an active jet stream, the chance of storms and rain increases in Western Europe. The current winter vaccination extension is likely to be jeopardized by developments in America,” says weather analyst Nicholas Rose.

look. The ferry deck was flooded due to stormy weather in the United States

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